Mathematics at the University of Florida in Gainesville, the first 65 years

Author - Dr. Paul Ehrlich - Math Professor - University of Florida - Gainesville
  1. Thomas Taliaferro 1901--1904: A Johns Hopkins Graduate Comes to Grief in Lake City
  2. President Andrew Sledd: A Building Program in 1904
    • Appendix A: The Normal and Industrial School in St. Petersburg
    • Appendix B: The Board of Trustees in 1904
    • Appendix C: A Tour of the New Campus in Gainesville in 1906
    • Appendix D: Autobiography of a Southern Schoolmaster
    • Appendix E: Religious Considerations in the Early 1900's: William Henry Belk
  3. The Early History: 1905 - 1911
  4. Summer, 1906: Off to Gainesville
    • Appendix A: Charles Crow Remembers Gainesville in 1906
  5. The Early History of the Department of Mathematics: 1911 through the 1930's, the Simpson Years
    • Appendix A: Enrollments at the University of Florida during the academic year
    • Appendix B: The Philosophy of the Lower Division and General College
    • Appendix C: Books authored by mathematics faculty members at the University of Florida from 1911--1940
    • Appendix D: Dean of the Graduate School Thomas Simpson's Annual Report for the academic year 1943--1944
    • Appendix E: Size of the Instructional Staff in the Department of Mathematics
    • Appendix F: Life in Gainesville in the 1910's and 1920's as remembered by Mabelle Williams Benton
    • Appendix G: Pre-World War II Faculty Biographical Sketches
    • Appendix H: The University of Florida during World War I
    • Appendix I: Epidemics Prior to the 1920's
    • Appendix J: Colin Gunn, Class of 1916
  6. Albert A. Murphree: A Mathematics Professor at the Turn of the Century
  7. Graduate Education in Mathematics in 1894
  8. Dr. Franklin Wesley Kokomoor, Chair from 1951 - 1960
    • Appendix A: The University of Florida during World War II
    • Appendix B: Mathematics in a Dark Room by Dr. Rick Smith, Department of Mathematics
    • Appendix C: Louis Karpinski and American History of Mathematics Prior to World War II
  9. The John E. Maxfield and A. D. Wallace Years: 1960 - 1970---The Research Climate Receives Increasing Emphasis
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